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.: Our Projects

Over two years of experience and a stellar track record of well many successfully brought to market have helped us fine-tune the project methodology we use to provide unmatched client support and highly efficient project management.

The TET Promise: When you trust TET with one of the most powerful mechanisms for growing your business, you can be confident that you’ll get a business and technology partner who will:

  • Apply both our business and technical expertise to deliver a technology solution that best matches your business needs.
  • Only suggest technology elements that are likely to generate a positive return on investment (ROI).
  • Manage the project as a collaborative team effort, where your input is essential and invaluable in reaching effective solutions and making appropriate trade-offs.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose TET:

Consultation & Planning Phase
In this initial phase, we learn about your requirements, budget, timeline, etc. We also research your industry and your customers to gain as much knowledge about your business as if it was our own. We then put together a detailed proposal that outlines our approach for meeting your requirements, along with a project schedule and cost outline. After revising the proposal as necessary to match your needs and expectations, we provide a Scope of Work that describes in detail the deliverables, expectations, costs, terms and conditions. After signing the Scope of Work and submitting your initial project deposit, we begin the next phase.

Project Preparation Phase
Within a few business days of the completion of the first phase, we send you a Getting Started note that will contain the following elements:
•    Receipt (for initial project deposit)
•    Content Delivery Guidelines

Design Phase
During this phase, your Account Manager (AM) will work closely with our project team to make project based on the previous phases. This project represents what your future plant will look like and is posted to Project preparation. During this phase, the project has not been coded so revisions needed are much easier to implement.

Revision Cycle(s) Phase
During this phase, you can request changes to your mock-up. We complete the revisions and provide a revised mock-up for your review. This makes up one revision. The number of revisions included is determined by your original Scope of Work. To help keep everything organized, revisions are always posted to Project where you can easily follow the evolution.

Design Approval Phase
During this phase, we get your formal approval of the finalized so we can move to production.

Production Phase
During this phase, your content is coded in Green Earth-friendly.  All of the content are coded and the content you provided is integrated within the Plant.  If your project involves electricity capabilities, a content management system, or any other dynamic programming functionality, it would be completed in this phase as well.

Revision Cycle(s) Phase
During this phase, you can request revisions to your content Plant.  These revisions are limited to Engineers errors and minor enhancements and cannot involve overall design elements, content, etc. Once again, we will make full use of Project to track changes and ensure consistency.

Code Approval Phase
During the code approval phase, you will formally approve the Project so we can move to the next phase.

User Interface Phase
During this phase, we proof and examine the Project to ensure usability standards are in place and that the content and code of your Plant meets modern technology optimization and user interface standards.

Training & Maintenance Support Phase
During this phase, we will provide your key staff with the proper training and documentation to make the most of your new Plant. Depending on your needs and requirements, some of the training can be provided before the signoff phase. If you signed up for Maintenance & Support services or for Plant Energy Saving, this is when the ongoing work will begin.

.: Project Green Earth

Green Power costs more to produce, but for a limited time, we’re offering it to you at no extra cost. Whichever option you choose, switching to us is easy. With us you can enjoy:

  • Dedicated Business and Engineer Team to help with all your energy enquiries
  • Convenience of having one energy provider for all your needs – electricity and coal gas
  • Accredited GreenPower products from green energy provider
  • CHOICE of convenient payment options
  • Energy efficiency information

Start saving your business money today by taking up one of these great offers.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.


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