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.: CCFBG-101-TET

With the recent situation of oil prices at an all time high, we are proud to present a total solution to the company with our new gasification technology that works well with Indonesian coal to produce a synthetic gas for any industrial application
thereby replacing your need for oil.

What TET CCFBG 101 does?
Our gasification technology is converts solid coal or biomass into:
.: Hydrogen
.: Carbon Monoxide and
.: CH4
Hydrogen is the majority gas (H2 around 60%) in the synthetic gas produced. This means that our system contributes to CO2 reduction around the same amount compared with traditional coal burning.

Coal & Biomass has been used for a long time in industrial applications around the world as it is abundant and a relatively cheap energy that is available. However, traditional coal burning applications create a lot of environmental concerns such as fly ash and phenolic waste water.
Cutting energy costs as well as improving your emissions
Eighty percent of all Indonesian coal are lignite or brown coals which are low grade coal and high in moisture. These types of coals are abundant and relatively cheap in Indonesia. Brown coal’s calorific value usually ranges to 4500 Kcal. However, only a few applications can utilize this type of coal and usually only for boiler applications. Our technology is the only technology able to utilize these low rank coal with high efficiency to produce gas fuels.

PT. Teknologi Energi Terpadu is one of the pioneers in “Indonesia Gasification” and answers the challenge through intensive research and development of the next generation gasification system: CCFBG (Catalytic Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasification).
Wide ranges applicationsTET CCFBG 101 produces medium calorific gas, 2850 Kcal/NM3. Therefore, it is possible to use as a gas turbine fuel to eliminate natural gas. Hydrogen, CO & CH4 are very easy for further streaming to be Methanol, Dimethyl Ether or Diesel Fuels. Robust, efficient, reliable
and safe design integrated with an automation system, CCFBG guarantees operational efficiency and reliability for the long term. CCFBG offers you improvement in production costs and quality of fuel produced.

.: System Performance

Low Emissions
TET CCFBG 101 produces no NOx or SOx. Only waste ash and CO2.

Steam as gasifying agent.
Other gasifiers use air + steam as gasifying agent. Since TET-CCFBG-101 uses only steam, therefore it saves on production cost. Moreover, our system self produces steam too.

Lower temperature & atmospheric pressure.
CCFBG works in temperatures of 700 – 800º C which makes for efficient operations and easy for maintenance as well as safe. Our competitor’s usually work at above 1000º C.

Catalyst for efficiency.
Efficiency means faster gasification, TET-CCFBG-101 uses catalyst to increase reaction speed in lower temperatures. Moreover, catalyst is able to catch process residue (tar).

Indirect gasification process.
TET-CCFGB-101 uses indirect gasification with advantage to reduce CO2 content significantly and producing higher calorific value gas product, up to 3.000 Kcal/NM3.

Higher gasification efficiency.
Steam agent would contribute to higher efficiency then air as oxidant. CCFBG has 90 - 98% efficiency, far more efficient than any other type of air agent gasification which only reaches 60 - 80% efficiency.

Flexible Fuel:
Able to use low coal grade (lignite)
or biomass. Not only high quality coal can be used as fuel in TET-CCFBG-101, such a low grade coal (non-marketable)

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